Hello! My name is Laura and I've been a software engineer for over a decade.

Throughout my career, I struggled with corporate life, fitting in, and "being the best employee." In December of 2019, after over a decade of trying my best to make this work and failing over and over, I burned out. Hard. It wasn't the first time I burned out, but it was the first time I wanted to give up, quit, leave tech. I quit my job and took a break.

Since then, I have been diagnosed with ADHD and Autism. I learned about camouflaging, overstimulation, and autistic burnout and realized that many of my struggles were related to working against my neurodivergencies rather than embracing them.

I started my own freelance consulting business where I have been able to curate a myriad of amazing entrepreneurs, companies, and nonprofits as my clients that are all accepting of who I am, how I work, and love what I can accomplish for them.

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Experienced and Thorough

Laura has been a fantastic teammate and an absolute lifesaver every time we’ve worked with her. Her work is impeccable and thorough. She’s one of those few engineers that is able to jump in and immediately be productive, no matter how complex the project. Beyond that, she clearly understands the longer term vision of all the projects we’ve worked with her on, and she’s able to help guide the projects in a direction sets us up for success in the future. Any time she has handed off code to us, we’ve found it a pleasure to work with and easy to maintain. Most importantly, however, she’s an excellent communicator. We’ve always worked asynchronously and her attention to detail and clear and thorough communication has made working on complex features and projects a lot smoother. All in all, she’s a great collaborator, engineer, and communicator. We’d heartily recommend her to anyone looking for a great technical partner and team leader.

Pavan T.


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